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When it came to making this character I knew I wanted a character which could tell some narrative and backstory, not only to the character but to the world the character  is a part of. My main influences for this decision were characters in games such as Hunt Showdown and Darksouls as they give a glimpse of the world they live in. I also recently gained more appreciation for characters which have so much detail implemented just into the highpoly due to recent works on Artstation and the games mentioned.

I knew I wanted a male character as I don’t have any part of my portfolio and I usually sway more towards female characters so I used this chance to make something portfolio worthy out of that area. Having creature/monster like elements to the character was also something I was willing to explore.


Overall I’m happy with the final piece but it could be taken further. Maybe the textures could have been taken further, the topology made better, clothing given more realism, but at the moment I feel this is as far as I can get with quality at the moment until my next project, which will no doubt be an even bigger improvement, as it is with each one I do.

Artstation post with further renders: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1nLzQZ

Youtube video of highpoly processes: 


FlowUE4Scene.zip 760 MB
RyanAshfield_SFAS19_CharacterArt.pdf 11 MB
FlowMarmosetViewer.zip 250 MB

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